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Many talent is about to resign from google because of high salaries

For the development of unmanned plans, Google out of high salaries, and actively recruiting scientific and technological personnel. However, the recent unmanned plan is out of the crowd out of the wave, Bloomberg analysis, which with Google pay to pay too much staff salary. Because the salary is too high, resulting in many employees in considering the transfer when the more worry no worries. Previously, because of the unmanned driving plan into a company, and […]

The US court ruled that Google was required to submit to the FBI the mail stored in the offshore server

This ruling was once welcomed by some science and technology and media companies. However, on 24 January this year, four members of the Court of Appeal voted to cease to follow the ruling and called on the Supreme Court or Congress to overturn the ruling. They said that the ruling raised the risk of national security. This is not surprising. Although the current Google protested the requirements of the Philadelphia District Court, but the fact […]

Google is considering adding voice calls for voice assistants

Both Google and Amazon are considering the ability to add dialing and receive voice calls to their voice assistant smartphones (Google Home and Amazon Echo speakers, respectively) to act as a new generation of wired telephones. Like other tech giants, Amazon and Google are competing to develop and incorporate digital assistants into everything from cars to their homes. Adding a phone call means adding a new feature that will allow digital assistants to be used […]

Google should not question artificial intelligence in the past

Google parent company Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) said on Wednesday that when leading Google, he had made a miscarriage of justice. “It turns out that I’m totally wrong in the development of artificial intelligence,” Schmidt said at a security conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. Schmidt began to be skeptical about artificial intelligence technology, but then realized that he was the company’s mission and the global economy are essential. Indeed, Google CEO […]

Google canceled its Play service update

Google said the new API level in the Play service version 10.2 is already 14, which means that the app developed through the new SDK (10.2.x and later) must run on at least the Android 4.0-4.04 ICS (ice cream sandwich). In the latest usage report, Android 2.3x still has a 1% market share. Android 2.3.x API level of 9 to 10, which is Google had previously played the bottom line for the Play service. Although […]

How does IBM fight against Google in the field of artificial intelligence?

Kenny joins IBM more than a year ago and has worked for a number of companies and has served as president of Akamai, the Internet backbone services company, and later for the operation of The Weather Company. After IBM acquired the Weather Company at the end of 2015, he also joined IBM. IBM value the company’s ability to collect massive weather data from sensors around the world, and they can provide 26 million weather forecasts […]

Sohu total online advertising revenue

Total online advertising revenue of $ 251 million, down 14%, down 4% from the previous quarter. Online advertising revenue includes brand advertising and search and other business revenue. Advertising revenue was $ 99 million, down 30% year-on-year, down 11% from the previous quarter. Sohu fourth quarter brand advertising revenue fell year on year, mainly due to the impact of video advertising revenue decline. Sohu fourth quarter brand advertising revenue decline, mainly by the media portal […]

Make Sohu Internet Center Again

“Review 2016, Sohu Group is facing a very challenging operating environment.” Sohu chairman and CEO Zhang Chaoyang evaluation performance. He said the macroeconomic weakness, the intensification of competition and the tightening of regulatory measures in the search industry affected Sohu’s financial performance. However, these challenges did not hinder Sohu in the pursuit of product innovation and explore new business opportunities in the pace. As one of the earliest Internet entrepreneurs in China, Zhang has repeatedly […]

Google plans to stop selling site search products from april

Existing customers can continue to use Google site search during the current license period, but Google will no longer sell new licenses and extend licenses since April 1. Once the search term assigned to a customer is exhausted, the customer’s account will automatically “go to” the company’s Custom Search Engine (custom search engine). In this regard, Google did not comment. Custom search engines are free, ad support for Google search technology, offering similar features and […]