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Here is some of the feedback received about this website:

"After hours of surfing the net for interior design I came across your little baby...very nice." - Danielle

"I visited your website with great interest. Your work is really remarkable." - Dan from France

"I was on your site and saw the beautiful designs and conversions done by you. I admire your work." - Meenakshi from London

"I just had a look at your website. I think that your works are absolutely gorgeous." - Zhao from China

"What a fantastic website - has to be the best one I've seen yet for domestic interior design. So informative, and professional, and comprehensive!" - Kevin from Calgary

"Last April we moved into a 1938 art deco apartment block in Newcastle upon Tyne. Although heavily altered inside, we have embarked on bringing it back to art deco style. Your designs have given us much food for thought and many ideas. Thank you for that." - Dave and Kathryn from Newcastle

"I was browsing the web because I am considering becoming an interior designer and I came upon your site. I just wanted to let you know that I thought it was excellent, inspirational. Clear and concise, you give the profession a very good image. My concern is the often negative view the public have of designers and your articles go a long way to allay those fears. Well Jonny your web site has been an inspiration to me." - Susie from West Sussex

"Just viewed your website. Nice work." - Scott @ Cunningham Design

"I discovered your site on the internet and I am very impressed with your work and hope you don't mind me using it as an influence." - Felicia from Luton

"It is truly refreshing to be able to look on the internet and see something that works and is written in plain English" - Sarah Jane from Warrington.

"I was intrigued by your designs and especially "House and Garden Fair 99". I found it bright, bold, attractive and a little oriental. I would love to design rooms like yours." - Kayleigh from Lancashire.

"I love the dining room set-up you did and thought that I should e-mail and compliment you on your impeccable taste. I hope to become as good as you when I am finished with my schooling. Thanks for such an inspiring look into design." - Shawn @ Harrington Institute for Interior Design, Chicago.

"First I would like to say how much we appreciated your web site - informative, lively and interesting. It gave us enough information to confidently approach you with our project." - Sue in Westminster

"The QuickTime VR on your site is really cool!" - Bernie @ G R Interiors

"I visited your web site with great interest, and hope you can help me achieve a great look for my home." - Lesley from London

"I recently discovered your website and really liked the overall feel of the site." - Kay @ Tamba

"I came across your web site on the internet and was really impressed by the work that you do." - Sonia K from London, Ontario

"I really want to set up my own design consultation service, and after surfing the net I came across your web site. What a breath of fresh air!" - Janet H

"I was surfing and I came upon your site. Very nice. I would like to know if we can copy the articles you have written." - Dan @

"Good Day from Canada. I purchased "The English Home" magazine while I was in GB this past May and I just sat down to read it today and thought I would visit your website. I think your approach to your service is unique and I appreciate your posting your fees. Thank you for the interesting articles. I will visit your site again". - Maria P, British Columbia, Canada

"Can't help but being drawn back to your website again and again for it's simplicity and no nonsense wait time plus the clarity in explaining the nitty gritty of interior design especially on the deserving fees structure which all professional designer should be rewarded for their intellectual property. Keep it up. If there is one ID website that needs to be book-marked, this will be it." - Oliver

"I have recently visited your website and found it very interesting" - Marco Bettini, Bologna

"I simply have a passion for interior design and the more I read web sites like yours, the more inspired I become" - Helen C

"I ran into your website and liked what I saw" - Becky from North Dakota

"Wow - impressive and comprehensive website! It's not often that interior design firms do such an extensive site. Congrats." - kg

"I'm always on the lookout for well written, informative articles that are of interest to women, and Jonny's fell into that category" - Sharon of

"I have reviewed several designers' web sites but find myself drawn to yours for it's simplicity and down to earth approach." - Lawrence @ Logiprop

"I must say I was most impressed by your website. I loved the yachtsman's flat in particular." - Jill @ Mulberry

"Great Website - and photo of Jonny" - Sophia K

"I like your website." - Janet @ RPL

"I've been to every page and looked at all the pictures and must confess to being most impressed." - Tim @ TimFlim (allegedly)

"I've taken a tour of your website which I have to say is very impressive, especially the blatantly false "quotes" page. Full marks for making the site interesting and to the point, without having to wait 30 minutes for each page to be downloaded - Tim @ TimFlim (again! - presumably sober this time)

"Fabo site" - Carolyn (believed to be Canadian)

"I found it to be very interesting and informative. I therefore linked your site to mine." - Peter @ Creative Foto Concepts

"I think it's a very good site. I read the article on colours and liked it very much." - Sally B from Montreal

"We have just viewed your website and were very impressed with your projects." - Tiffany @ Swann Creations

"I thought the website was great and very user friendly." - Andrea @ HWatts

"I am very impressed by the visual presentation and design of this website. I look forward to future articles." - Judith @ Westforest

"I really like the layout and especially the photographs. Well done all round." - Lesley @ CC

"Your 30's style drinks cabinet, not too bad. But your kitchen...words fail." - Peter @ On the Move

"I like it. I like it a lot." - Geoffrey @ Normining

"...we located your website and found it most interesting and helpful and would like to consult you about the refurbishment of a reception room." - M.M. from Kent.

"I checked out your website. It is beautiful." - Claire @ Concordia University.

" looks good, best of luck." - Mark @ conVRgence.

"...really interesting!" - Francois @ Ceramlinks.

"...very interesting and helpful." Lanna @ The George Washington University.

"Congratulations, very interesting and friendly." Lynn @ Zimmer + Rohde.


All of these unsolicited comments are available for inspection at our London Office.

This website is the personal responsibility of Melvyn Fickling.
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