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Art Deco Bedroom

The bedroom became the centre for our client's de-cluttering opus. Over two hundred video tapes were removed from groaning shelving units against one wall and consigned to the charity shop. Next to go were the shelves themselves, to be replaced by a built-in wardrobe faced with sand-blasted sliding glass doors, back-lit with rope-lights.

The existing small cupboard-like wardrobes were converted to house the videos that couldn't go (Star Trek mostly) and a rapidly expanding DVD collection.

To enhance this new atmosphere of serenity the colour-scheme embraced darker shades of blue in both the bed-clothes and the curtains.

art deco interior design art deco interior design

The bespoke headboard returns to the horizontal theme introduced by the building's original windows. Art deco class is maintained with the sleek bedside tables and lamps.

Photography by Simon McBride

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