Organising Your Bedroom

You should consider your bedroom as your ultimate private refuge, the place where you can retreat from the pressures of the modern world and find untroubled rest in a comfortable bed. If you allow the bedroom to become untidy and disorganised you risk disrupting your ability to sleep properly, with all the attendant effects on your general health that this may involve. Making your bedroom work well for you will largely depend upon the practical utility of the furniture you have chosen. You might consider maximising this by choosing multi-functional models. The bed should have useful storage space underneath it. Most beds have space underneath but this very quickly gets jam-packed with boxes of stuff that really should be in the attic. This is clearly a waste of potentially useful storage. So choose a bed that has an organised storage system such as drawers or compartments.

Avoid placing the bed directly under a window, especially one that is frequently opened. This may lead to draughts disturbing your rest and reduces the utility of the window itself, a feature that has an important part to play in its own right. Place the bed well away from the door to the room and the access doors to wardrobes or built-in cupboards. Having a door continuously knocking into the bed will make the room feel smaller and cause feelings of frustration. So always take door-swings into account when measuring out the space you have available for your bed before you go shopping for the bed itself. Consider sliding doors for built-in wardrobes to minimise encroachment on your floor-space.



Your bedroom storage will have a huge impact upon the way your bedroom makes you feel. If you have inadequate storage you'll end up creating a "floor-drobe" which will become a toxic mix of shoes, clean clothes, dirty underwear and mis-matched socks. Be honest about the total storage space you have, and then be honest about what you really need to store in your bedroom at any time of year. There's little point in a wardrobe stuffed with winter woolies when the August sunshine is hammering through the window. Most people have more to store than there is available bedroom space in which to store it, so look for alternative locations. Consider using the storage in the spare bedroom to rotate your winter and summer wardrobes. Sometimes there is space in a conservatory for a low-level trunk that could hold the clothes that you don't need to access regularly.

Now you've rationalised what you need to store, take a good hard look at where you're going to store it. Built-in storage is a far better use of the available space that free-standing storage units and is more flexible in its design. Survey the space you've got available and sketch out a scale drawing. Now you can experiment with different configurations of shelves and hanging space until you create the best solution for your own personal needs. Don't forget to consider double-height hanging space for dresses and make use of commercially available storage solutions for things like shoes and boots.



Things that should not be in the Bedroom

Now we've talked about what should be in your bedroom we need to look at the things that should be banished to elsewhere in the house.

If your bedroom is to be the private haven of your soul, there is no room in it for a television. In general a television is a time-wasting distraction in a room that is supposed to be about peace, quiet and your own well-being. Once you let the television in it tends to bring all its mates. In no time you've got a couple of remote controls on the bedside table, a DVD player on the dresser and a pile of DVD cases on the floor. Instead of the television why not put up a small shelf somewhere with space for half-a-dozen books that you've always wanted to read but could never find the time?

You wouldn't bed down for a kip at the gymnasium, would you? So why do you clutter up your bedroom with fitness equipment? That cycling machine feels like it's in the right place for the first couple of weeks, but as your enthusiasm for your exercise regime wanes it will become an expensive and unweildy clothes horse. Banish your fitness equipment to the shed, garage or utility room.

Many of us now conduct a large part of our work from home thanks to the good availability of high-speed broadband. But think carefully before you boot up a computer in the bedroom. Our work is sometimes the biggest contributor to the daily stress of our lives. Centring a portal to this stress in the room that should be your escape hatch from troubles is a serious mistake. Also when your homework is done you know you'll be tempted to check your Facebook updates, personal emails, Ebay watchlist, celebrity Tweets and a dozen other things that will keep you away from the bed and the rest that you need. Set up your computer or laptop in a dedicated home-office or a corner of your living room. That way you'll be better able to answer the call of your bedroom and close the door firmly on the virtual world of work and social networking.

Although pets are a good thing for promoting outdoor activity and reducing general stress levels, should you really be sleeping with them? No room can stay completely clean and tidy if it is regularly accessed by a dog or cat. Your pet has an inbuilt radar for comfort and warmth and, if you allow it, your bedroom will quickly become your pet's favourite retreat when it should be your personal space. Steel yourself and exclude your pet from the bedroom, if it's possible exclude them from the entire first floor. Certainly there'll be protests, even tantrums at first. But they'll soon settle down and live happily with the new rules.

The most important decision you'll make is the purchase of the bed itself. It's generally a good rule of thumb to purchase the most expensive bed you can afford. But as the bed is just one of the pressing home improvement must-haves on your list, it's probably more practical to seek out the best value-for-money.

In conclusion it's ok to be selfish when you organise your own bedroom because it's the only room in the world that should be just for you.



Article by Melvyn Fickling
© Jonny Ricoh Directories