Wall Stickers

Wall sticker of a dandelion

Wall stickers, sometimes known as wall decals, are an easy way to add a little artistic flair to any room. As an alternative to stencils and free hand painting wall stickers are quick and require very little in terms of skill or materials. The techniques used in making wall stickers derive from the sign writing industry. The design is cut from self-adhesive vinyl by a computer-controlled machine. This allows intricate and detailed shapes to be cut with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

Applying wall stickers is a simple and fun activity. First position the design using masking tape to make sure it's aligned properly. Then the application film is removed and the self adhesive stickers are simply smoothed down with a credit card, there's no messy paint or glue and the whole process takes only minutes.



There are a huge range of designs available to suit every style, from fun wall stickers for kids rooms to baroque floral motifs, contemporary art pieces inspired by artists like Banksy, portraits of pop icons like the Beatles and designs inspired by nature to bring the outdoors inside – perfect for city homes or conservatories.

Because vinyl wall stickers are water resistant, they are perfect to brighten up bathrooms and kitchens. It's even possible to buy wall stickers that can be written on like a chalkboard, ideal for shopping reminders or telephone messages.

Most wall stickers are available in a range of colours and because they are usually made to order you can specify colours to suit your style. But the bespoke nature of the product doesn't make it expensive. The price varies with the size and complexity of the design but they compare very well to the cost of buying a ready made stencil and paint. What's more, if you decide to update your room at a later date you can remove the vinyl pieces. Whilst the adhesive is strong and will stay put for years, if you decide to remove it it will come away cleanly and easily. This means you won't need to paint over the area several times as you would if you'd used a painted stencil. This is particularly useful in nurseries and children's rooms as we all know how quickly children can change their minds.



The Binary Box provide a range of wall stickers from their workshop in Stockport, available via their website.

Article by Melvyn Fickling
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