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Read Jonny Chinn's article on painted furniture

Painted Furniture

The publication of our web article has gone some way to protect the painted furniture buyer from the pitfalls inherent in purchasing this genre of products. Now we'd like to go one step further and actively recommend this British manufacturer. Their product is made of wood by British craftsmen and painted in their own factory under rigorous quality controlled conditions. We have inspected their factory, met their workforce and used their product. If you want nordic style painted furniture then look no further. 

painted furniture beds, nordic style
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painted furniture bedrooms, nordic style
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children's painted bedroom furniture, nordic style
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painted furniture desks, nordic style, gustavian
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painted furniture chests of drawers, nordic style, swedish
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painted furniture desks and chairs, nordic style, gustavian, swedish
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This is just a tiny sample of the extensive range of painted furniture available. So if you want a nordic style makeover for your home please send an E-mail enquiry now.

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