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Jerzy or George Babuska t/a Home Improvement Services or HIS

If you have had work carried out by Jerzy Babuska we strongly advise you to check the safety of that work, especially electrical safety. Jerzy (sometimes known as George or Jez) Babuska is tall and slender. He is Polish but speaks fluent English and is educated to degree level. He often grows and shaves his beard in quick succession. The two pictures below show him bearded and clean-shaven.

We were designers on a project where our clients employed Babuska. Despite Babuska issuing and signing the appropriate certificates, the electrical installation he completed was later found to be below acceptable British standards and potentially very dangerous. 

babuska babuska

Babuska has been very busy in the London area in recent years and is currently known to be operating somewhere in the UK. If this man has completed work for you we suggest you have it inspected at the earliest opportunity. 

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