Directory of Interior Design Firms, Interior Designers
 and Architecture Consultants Operating in Manitoba Canada

This directory of interior design firms, interior designers and architecture consultants has been created to provide a gateway for our visitors in Manitoba to explore a whole new world of interior design possibilities for home, office and commercial projects. The websites of these interior designers and architects have been checked for ease of use and relevance to this directory. Every design consultant represented here operates within Canada. Inclusion in the directory is by invitation only (to be considered please email your web address).

Manitoba - Interior Design Firms, Interior Designers and Architecture Consultants

Interior Design in Manitoba
ADI Group - Changing things one design at a time

ESP - Environmental space planning

Friesen Tokar - Architecture, interiors and landscapes

Ideate Design Consulting - Every project can be imaginative 

Nejmark - Architecture and interior design

Number Ten - Architectural group

Prairie Architects - Creative mid-sized architectural firm

Smith Carter - Architectural practise


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