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Google plans to stop selling site search products from april

Existing customers can continue to use Google site search during the current license period, but Google will no longer sell new licenses and extend licenses since April 1. Once the search term assigned to a customer is exhausted, the customer’s account will automatically “go to” the company’s Custom Search Engine (custom search engine). In this regard, Google did not comment. Custom search engines are free, ad support for Google search technology, offering similar features and features like Google site search.

Google recommends that site search customers study the difference between the two products, do not want to go to the custom search engine customers can delete the existing search engine. Google is based on the number of searches per year for site search customers. For example, a small blog for $ 100 per year can enjoy 20,000 search services. And a large company can choose to pay $ 2000 annual fee to get 500,000 search service. And want to get more search of the company can contact Google to discuss the price.

Google site search off news appears after Google announced the closure of the Google Search Appliance (Google search tool) a year later, Google search tool can be bundled Google search to other companies in their own data center hardware. “I do not want to annoy Google’s anonymous site search client.” It seems that Google is going to reduce the advertising support from Google G Suite based on the technology of enterprise technology. ”

Google G Suite is a desktop word processing, form and email application that competes with Microsoft Office. While Google G Suite’s predecessor, Google Apps (Google Apps), is a free product, but users now have to pay for G Suite.

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