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Make Sohu Internet Center Again

“Review 2016, Sohu Group is facing a very challenging operating environment.” Sohu chairman and CEO Zhang Chaoyang evaluation performance. He said the macroeconomic weakness, the intensification of competition and the tightening of regulatory measures in the search industry affected Sohu’s financial performance. However, these challenges did not hinder Sohu in the pursuit of product innovation and explore new business opportunities in the pace.

As one of the earliest Internet entrepreneurs in China, Zhang has repeatedly expressed in the public “Sohu return to the Internet stage center”, he also revealed Sohu video to achieve profit in 2019.

Zhang Chaoyang recently revealed in an interview, his sleep every day only four and a half hours, working in the front line. “I am a day to discuss the news APP a variety of products, forms, users, but also concerned about the production of video, but also concerned about the video APP, concerned about the country’s technical bandwidth problems. Really follow the four business (media platform, video, Sogou, game) I cover a very wide job.

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