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David Mooney was a builder that was employed by several of our clients on their projects prior to 2005. At that time David Mooney's levels of management and finish were very good. This changed during the course of 2005 on a large project where David Mooney was employed by our client as the main contractor. General workmanship, practises and finish degenerated during the course of this project and David Mooney was implicated in dishonest practises including the forging of a receipt for a sub-contractor in order to retain our client's deposit for himself.

David Mooney was forced, by the consequences of his dishonesty and poor management practises which had attracted at least one Crown Court action, to declare bankruptcy in early 2007, leaving many, including our own company, unable to legally pursue moneys owed to them by David Mooney.

We have recently learnt that David Mooney is once again active in the building world in and around London. We would urge anyone who considers engaging David Mooney to think long and hard before proceeding. David Mooney will provide references from his more illustrious past. Follow up these references personally and quiz those clients from the past to discover just how much they know about David Mooney's more recent activities.

If you need to have more evidence before you make a decision about David Mooney please contact us. We can provide a full written summary of David Mooney's failures in service to our client backed up with photographs from the site.  

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