Decorating a Bedroom


The master bedroom is one of the key rooms in a house in which you spend an awful lot of time.

I like using neutrals or warm green tones in a master bedroom, so I've chosen a very warm, soft green which is almost a neutral colour to be the basis of this master bedroom scheme.
Let's start with the floor. I've chosen a walnut floor as I've found not everyone wants carpets in their bedrooms. Walnut is a good colour in a bedroom because it's immediately warm in contrast to light maple which is better to have in a family room, for instance.

For those that do want a carpet in the master bedroom, I've chosen velvet carpets that have a lot of different coloured tones. It would be easy to pick out one of the light warm green colours or one of the neutral colours for your carpet.

Moving on from this base I have chosen a wall colour of a soft olive type of green and I'm using a very warm white as the border colour. And from this, I'm going to do a curtain in a related tone.

I'm using a woven silk that has a paisley design giving a nice brick red colour that you can bring in as an accent.

If you use reds in bedrooms it's best to use warm reds rather than vibrant reds. If you have too much vibrant red in the bedroom, it can almost keep you awake, that's why I'm using soft bricky red.

I've chosen a sheer fabric that tones with the woodwork colour to go under the curtains. This softens the windows and brings in an element of soft light to keep things from getting too dark.

The bed is going to have a white cover on it to keep the feeling light. I've found a cushion which has a red background and it's got this olive-green face fabric with a little bit of a red floral motif.

Lampshades don't always have to be white or cream. Here, I've chosen an olive silk fabric for lampshades on the side of the bed.

For the upholstery I've got a printed velvet which brings in the whole colour story.

Finally I've chosen a feature wallpaper that I've designed myself.