Decorating a Dorm Room


Let's look at a quick and easy design for a dormitory room in a university or college.

When you arrive you find your room is quite bland and it would be nice to do something as you're going to be there quite some time. I've done taken a London theme, an England theme, and pulled together a fun design for a dorm room.

So we can start with a couple of really funky cushions that you can throw on the bed. These are cheap and cheerful. Pick things like this up at shops or online. The ones I chose are made of felt with pictures of the Queen and the Union Flag rendered tones of gray. I've also sourced a wall sticker. There are lots and lots of different images, I chose The Beatles. Search online for more. The nice thing with these is you peel them off and carefully stick them on the wall. At the end of the year you simply pull them off the wall.

So we've got The Beatles and we've got our fun funky London cushions.

I'm also using a digitally printed fabric. These are quite fun and are available from different online shops. I chose a big clock fabric, it's a photograph that's been put on the fabric. That could be quite fun to make into a little curtain.

I've come across this fantastic wallpaper which has a 3D effect to it. Rather than putting it on a wall you can wallpaper a panel of MDF and lean it against the wall to add a little bit of interest to your funky dorm room.

The main thing to remember about dorm rooms is that you're there temporarily, you don't own the place, so it's very unusual that you'd be allowed to paint the walls or put up wallpaper or do anything that's permanent.

A scheme like this one is fun, it's temporary, it doesn't cost you a lot of money, it gives the place a fun vibe. So you have fun place to stay for the eight months or so you're in the dorm room and it's easy to take it all down in a few hours when you leave.