Decorating a Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of your home as it has become a space for families and friends to gather. A nice bright kitchen inspires you to go in and cook. Kitchens have become the hub and heart of the home so everybody congregates into your kitchen. A lot of homes now knock down a wall and include the kitchen into a larger living area.

To create a contemporary New England kitchen design scheme with interesting patterns in your kitchen, choose an embroidered fabric which has a nice neutral linen background with red embroidered flowers on it and a little bit of blue embroidered flowers. You can use this on roman blinds. It adds that little touch of fabric rather than just venetian blinds or shutters. So you put this on a roman blind that folds up like an accordion.

The key to working with different types of patterns in the fabric is to make sure the colour tones are similar so that they all sit together. So, despite the fact that the patterns are very different, it all ties together. You could use warm red brushed cotton as piping on the edge of seat cushions and as ties on the back of the cushion.

Now, in this kitchen design, you are also concerned with worktops, splash backs, tiles and flooring. Consider using a ceramic on a floor. It would be very sturdy and you wouldn't have any problem with that if you wanted underfloor heating.

A rough finished slate can go on your worktop, this can go on your floor as well if you wanted to do both the same and that brings out the colour. You could also use a limestone effect ceramic tile. These tiles would all come in different sizes. The advantage of tiles is that they won't stain and you don't have to seal them the way that you would have to seal a stone. Useful for splash backs in the kitchen are the rectangular white glazed tiles. Put them in a brick pattern or you can put them so that they're going up in a line next to each other. The brick pattern just gives a very fresh contemporary look and they're very reasonably priced as well.

Another material you might want to consider for worktops is man-made. It comes in many colours. It's very hygienic, it can be molded into a sink and it doesn't hold stains so that's quite a good option for worktops. Be careful when choosing white, check the whites in a paint range.

A warm white colour would go particularly well. Units in white will keep your kitchen nice and fresh and give a slight contemporary New England feel. When designing kitchens, the main thing to think about is the light.

The second thing is to bring some fabric in there somehow either on the roman blind or some cushions on some chairs to make the room warm. Another thing to explore is different materials for your floors, worktops, and you can even use wood in a kitchen like a greyed oak. Don't be afraid of using wood, vinyl, stone reproductions, stone, ceramic and man-made materials.