Decorating a Family Living Room


Living rooms are obviously where the whole family gathers, watches television, maybe kids are doing homework at a desk, perhaps somebody's reading a newspaper. So the living room needs to be very comfortable and multipurpose. So I've chosen a lot of very hardwearing fabrics that are still soft and comfortable and practical with a lot of longevity.

Starting with the floor I've chosen a wide plank wood floor with a gray tone. This is oak which has a great finish. Wide planks always look very special in a living room. This is an engineered floor so you can install underfloor heating under it. An engineered floor has several layers of wood under the top solid layer of wood which keeps the plank from warping with the heat.

For the walls I've chosen a textural wallpaper. This is a linen made as a wall covering so it gives an element of texture to the walls and tones very nicely with the floor. All the woodwork is a soft white colour to keep things fresh.

The sofa is a central feature of the room, for this I've chosen a very tough woven cotton in gray. It's a very tough fabric that has a nice sheen and feels very soft as well. I've chosen a cushion in a tone that works with this sofa fabric. It's a warm gray colour with a bright red that adds a bit of accent colour. I've put some other cushions on the sofa in a fabric to tone with the red accent.

In order to soften the living room a bit I've chosen a wool fabric for the curtains. This is a woven wool so it's not prickly but feels like a satin, or wool sateen as it is called. The fabric has a woven-in pattern of red leaves which brings in the accent colour that I've put on the sofa.

For an accent chair, a big comfortable armchair perhaps, I've sourced lovely plaid that works well with the scheme. Again, we have this tomato red colour coming in as an accent so for other smaller chairs, stools or an ottoman I've gone with a neutral gray brushed cotton that tones in with the whole scheme.

An added option would be a large rug to warm things up a bit.