Decorating a Loft Apartment


Let's talk about how to decorate a loft apartment, and really, a loft apartment is a space where you have a very open plan area which incorporates a large living room, dining room, kitchen, office area and perhaps it has some steps up to a mezzanine where you have your bedrooms and bathroom or similar types of space.

In short a loft apartment is a very open plan space which traditionally has been converted from a warehouse. Many loft apartments have a lot of interesting architectural features in the space. Loft apartments have become so popular that a lot of developers are now building spaces which weren't originally warehouse spaces but do have the qualities focus on light and open spaces. loft apartment living is popular with both families and couples.

The disadvantage with loft apartments is the issue of privacy. It becomes necessary to create zones in the apartment so that the occupants can engage in different activities without distracting each other.

I've worked on a four-room loft apartment in the past and I presented the idea of designing it in a contemporary way. This retained the main large space with a wooden floor, white walls and mezzanine. I wanted to keep the light coming into the flat and add elements of warmth and accent colours to that.

Once this concept was approved I developed sample boards. These sample boards show exactly the individual elements of the design including the rug I would recommend for the main living room. The coffee table I suggested has a touch of red lacquer. I suggested a big sectional sofa, accent cushions, vases, an ottoman, art, lamp, all of these kinds of things based on the feel that I discussed in the concept stage

A good way to zone the areas of a loft flat is to use a sectional sofa because that automatically gives a corner which delineates an area in the floor that becomes your sitting area.

Usually behind the sofa in a loft apartment there's a space that I zone for the dining table. In this particular project I suggested a glass table which doesn't interfere with light. Over the table is an interesting light and there's a big signboard of rug under the dining table with its white leather chairs. Both the rug and the light help to zone that area for dining. So even though the dining area and the living area flow together as one, we've got an area zoned for dining and an area zoned for the sitting and living area.

For the master bedroom area of this loft apartment I brought the same tones of colour into that area which I also fed through into the kitchen design and the bathroom design, thus creating an integrated feel.

One of the things I really like about loft apartments is their suitability to carry sometimes eclectic design ideas as they are already quite unusual spaces in which to live. So I take advantage of this by using vintage items of furniture, ethnic furniture and accessories acquired from travel abroad. Loft apartments have the type of space that lends itself to that kind of looseness and eclecticism in the interior design.

So if you're lucky enough to have a loft apartment or a loft flat, let yourself go and experiment with the type of things that you bring into your space.