Decorating a Nursery


Let's look at how to decorate a nursery. You may not know if you are going to have a boy or a girl, so there's always a bit of a question, what colour to use in the nursery scheme.

So I've come up of something that I think works for either boy or a girl. I found a lovely children's fabric based on birds. Birds are quite a gender neutral theme and this would be really pretty on some curtains or a running blind.

When you're decorating any children's room, particularly a nursery, it's very important to have black lining on the blind or the curtain so that the baby can sleep well. If the baby sleeps well, you sleep well, so that's quite important.

The bird fabric has a lot of white in the background so it will keep the room nice and bright. It also has a lot of colours in it that can be picked out as accents in the room. I would pick the turquoise tone, the lighter turquoise perhaps.

So we could paint the walls in a light turquoise colour and choose a wood floor for reasons of practicality with maybe a little rug to soften things. I sourced this white-washed oak floor which keeps the light tone going especially as it is wide-planked. So if, as is generally the case, your nursery is a small room, this will help it seem larger.

I've picked out some colours in different types of fabric. Little stripes and little checks always work well in a nursery.

Although they have a pattern they can be considered neutral in a way, and they work well with florals and vibrant print fabrics as little neutral accents that you can put around. So you might have a little seat cover on a rocking chair which could be covered in a lively check that cools out the warm yellows in the fabric. And perhaps you have a cushion for the nursery bed, I've found another little fun fabric that can be used on cushions. For other upholstery I've sourced a good sturdy woven fabric that has the turquoise theme going on.

And finally I've sourced some other fabrics that pick out tones in the story that you might want to bring out in the nursery depending how big it is. These can be used as accent piping on things or they can cover other little cushions or things like that around the nursery.

This completes a nursery scheme that will work for your little girl or your little boy until such time as they get old enough to demand their own rooms, and then you're getting into the whole different thing of decorating girl's rooms and decorating boy's rooms.