Decorating a Small Guest Bedroom


We're going to decorate a small bedroom to be used as a guest bedroom. We're going to make it such a nice bedroom that your guests won't want to leave. I'm starting this scheme with a very pretty vibrant fabric for curtains that contain some lovely colours that we can pick out in the rest of the scheme.

Here we have calming green colours. Green is a great colour, it's very soothing which makes it an ideal choice for a guest bedroom. I often use bluey greens in bedrooms because again, they're very pretty and have a calming effect in the room.

The curtains are in the fabric which is very vibrant, so we're going to calm the rest of the room down a bit. I've picked one of the nice soft greens to be the wall colour.

I've chosen to paint all the woodwork in a really fresh white to go with the white fabrics and would suggest white wooden venetian blinds or white Parisian shutters on the windows. This gives a good contemporary interior design feeling.

I love to have carpets in bedrooms. Here I've chosen a light colored natural-weave wool carpet. It's not white, rather it's an off-white colour so it will work well in a small room. I wouldn't use this in a main bedroom that is in use all the time but in a room that's used once in a while it will be fine.

I'm using a pretty bed linen which follows the floral pattern we established with the curtains and it brings in a little element of the blue as an accent.

I'm adding a really unexpected element which might surprise you. This is a black and white silk which will look fantastic as an upholstered headboard. The black and white silk cuts the "sweetness" of the flowers and really adds an element of surprise. This gives the guest bedroom a slight French feeling.

Put a couple of pretty cushions on the bed that bring out these soft greens and pinks, and upholster any chairs or sofas in the room with a white linen which keeps things fresh. Put a cushion on the furniture the same fabric as the curtains as this ties everything together.

For a final unexpected touch use a wall sticker.