Decorating a Studio Flat


We're going to interior design a studio flat or a studio apartment. These are small dwellings where the living room and the bed are all in the same room. Possibly the kitchen is at the end of the room and the only separate space you have is the bathroom. So, any scheme for this small area needs to all work well together.

This scheme has a bit of punchy orange colour in it which adds vibrancy in a small room. Let's start with the flooring.

I would choose a greyed oak flooring with the wide plank that will make the studio flat seem a lot bigger. Alternatively, if you have an existing floor, you can put a rug down. I'd suggest a flat weave wool rug in tones of gray which has a border all around it. This is very practical, easy to roll up if you move on, and it sits very well on the floor uniting the sitting, sleeping and living area of your studio.

Let's move on to the walls. It's a small room so instead of just painting it white, let's do something a bit more adventurous. Here, I've chosen a textural vinyl paint which has the advantage of being very practical. It's like a woven linen with little flecks of gray giving the space a warm textural quality but retaining the light in the room.

Or you might like to experiment with a darker wallpaper to bring a different feel to the room, cosier or a bit more dramatic. You could try polished plaster, a specialist finish which needs to be applied by a trained tradesman. This has tones of gray that will look fantastically elegant and contemporary in a small room. This could be confined to a feature wall combined with other wall coverings on the studios other walls.

Alternatively, you can have a feature wall finished in wallpaper. I've chosen one which is wipeable and it has tones of orange which is our accent colour. Put this on the wall against which your sofa sits and do the other walls in a very light neutral colour.

So the scheme has light neutrals, grays and oranges, which led me to choose a striped fabric for curtains. It has a lot of white background so it's not overwhelmingly dark and still brings in the orange accent. The vertical of the stripe will make the room feel taller as a bonus.

In a studio flat you normally find a sofabed. I've decided to cover this in a brushed cotton which is very durable and very comfortable to sit on.

Also on the sofa bed, I've used some cushions in brushed cotton orange, to tie in with our accent colour, and a few cushions in a fun print. This has the orange and gray, and it adds a bit of vibrancy to the scheme. For other chairs in the studio I've used a woven linen with a self-patterned stripe. The stripe is woven into the fabric and gives a little bit of a herringbone quality which adds textural interest in the scheme while keeping the soft grays that I've established.

In the bathroom area you might consider laying a stone or slate floor which continues the gray scheme. This could also extend to the kitchen design.