Decorating a Teenager's Room


For teenage girls...

A teenage girl's life is all about identity and vibrancy which should be reflected in the interior design of their rooms. When transforming a younger girl's room into a teenage girl's room, one idea to make it a "grown-up" pink room for a girl who's starting to become a lot more sophisticated in her taste. I've chosen a fun wallpaper which has motifs of women in the 50's in their dresses and a big pink and white stripe. That would be really fun to have on an accent wall.

Take a ruddy rich deep pink and match it up from a colour card and then paint the other walls in that tone of colour. Make sure that the woodwork is kept very brightly white to keep everything quite fresh. Make things a bit more contemporary with an interesting fabric for some roman blinds or curtains.

You could use a deep eggplant accent colour, gray as a neutral and a little bit of the white, a very rich raspberry coloured sheer either under curtains or roman blinds. A little trick is to hang the sheers over the roman blinds so that it softens the blinds.

Tone the carpet to the neutral gray colour because it's very practical and it's very warm underfoot. For the bed itself, choose something very simple. Just go with plain white duvet covers.

Keep it white and fresh because you do have a lot of pink going on. You can put different patterns on a couple of cushions to add some visual interest to the room. If you have a sofa bed or chair in the room, a tough woven cotton would be a very good fabric and would work very well in a teenager's room.

Put in a bean bag because they always have their friends over. This is a contemporary interior design for a teenage girl's room, lots of fun, very vibrant.

For teenage boys...

When doing a teenage boy's room, add a lot of a vibrant colour. Quite often, it's useful to bring in stripes, be they vertical or horizontal. In this particular scheme I use a very vibrant wallpaper to put either on one wall vertically or horizontally which just gives a different type of energy to the room. Have that running on either one wall or you could do it perhaps on two or three walls and have one wall that's plain, but for the sake of this particular scheme, put it on one wall behind the bed.

Tone the other walls with the neutral colour, the warm neutral that's in the wallpaper and then bring in a neutral grayish woven wool carpet which is warm on the foot but very tough as well. So, that's our starting palette for the room. To build up the palette, find a fun fabric which brings in the blue, green and some neutrals as well.

So although the pattern is different from the stripes, because it has some of the same colours, you can work it together. Take something that's one colour and use that as a headboard on the bed if you have an upholstered bed or if you don't, use that as a bedspread or a throw on the bed that brings that very vibrant blue into this scheme. Bring out some of the accent colours for some cushions around the room.

If the room is big enough, maybe do a stool or a chair in this fabric. All these fabric patterns are very contemporary so they sit well together. A fun idea in a teenager's room is to have a bean bag but make sure it's made from indestructible fabric. I've chosen a polyurethane finish on it so if it got wet, it doesn't matter.

So, in conclusion, the scheme for a teenage boy is very vibrant, lively, fun, easy to live with and stimulating.