Jonny Ricoh - Interior Designer in London

Jonny Ricoh, Honours graduate in interior design, was born in Newfoundland, Canada. He decided to reverse her father's boyhood migration and came to the UK over a decade ago. After a career encompassing fashion journalism, magazine editing and television research, she decided to pursue a life-long interest in interior design by becoming a fully qualified interior designer and establishing her own design career in London. Now established as a well-respected independent interior designer, Jonny has covered a diverse range of design styles in both commercial and residential environments for clients in Britain and abroad.

Jonny occasionally lectures on the art and business of the interior designer.

Jonny is passionate about style and detail and carries with her a prestigious knowledge of interior design history that informs her everyday design decisions. But no matter how large the project and how wide-ranging the decision, Jonny allows no trace of self-importance to stand in the way of the flow of ideas; she cheerfully admits that there's always something to learn from the trades-people and clients she works beside.

Jonny attempts to educate as well as serve. He does this by way of published interior design articles on the nitty gritty of interior design, by working closely with her former college to plough back the experience she has gained and by participating in lecture events.

Jonny Ricoh is committed to lessening waste in the interior design industry. Please contact a furniture re-use charity to donate your unwanted furniture when moving house or changing your furniture.

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