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The Basement - The William Morris Room

The basement begins to bring the theming into sharper focus. William Morris, poet and artist, was a leading light of the Arts and Crafts movement. This style called for a simplification of design that paid homage to the craft of medieval furniture makers, displaying gothic elements and the use of stylised leaves and flowers.

The Arts and Crafts style is less opulent than the design themes used in the Lobby but the "Arbutus" wallpaper in blue-green with raspberry motifs and the comfortable furniture arrangement allow the room to appear cosy and inviting. A simple wooden fireplace and an intriguing antique piano emphasise the feeling.

victorian interior design

William Morris decoration   Manx piano

The chairs are upholstered in woven wool fabric with the existing sofa re-upholstered in deep raspberry pink heavy cotton fabric. The lamps have wooden bases after the Arts and Crafts style and the antique side tables are of dark oak, a popular feature of all parlours of this period.

Floor to ceiling curtains are installed along the double doors that lead across the corridor to the breakfast room. Made from fabric of the same "Arbutus" pattern they reinforce the intimacy of the room when drawn and melt into the walls when opened. The carpet is based on a Morris floral pattern called "Tulip and Lily".

We were presented with what must be the world's most awkward alcove. What to do? We installed a bar billiards table, gentlemanly elegance and a great game to boot!

  bar billiards

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