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Suite 1 - The Dante Gabriel Rossetti Suite

The Rossetti Suite pays tribute to Dante Gabriel Rossetti, a Victorian artist in the Pre-Raphaelite style. His paintings depict medieval England and its inhabitants in a highly romantic "Arthurian" fashion. The suite reflects this lush and romantic medieval gothic styling.

Bedroom suite

Bedroom suite  Bedroom suite  Bedroom suite

Upon entering the room the guest is immediately struck by the frieze that surmounts the wall. Depicting a Lion and a Dove against a backdrop of rambling roses it confidently proclaims "The Wilderness shall blossom as the Rose".

victorian wallpaper

The walls are papered with a stylised leaf pattern in a muted green and prints of Rossetti’s Arthurian visions hang on the walls. The floor covering continues the medieval floral effect. It is immediately obvious that this is a special place indeed.

The writing desk, chest of drawers, bed and bedside tables are all in dark oak and reflect a gothic influence in their styling. The sofa is covered in an antiqued fabric based on a William Morris pattern and the chairs are in distressed green velvet.

The Romantic slant given by Rossetti’s works makes this the obvious choice as a honeymoon suite, but the integration of the Victorian artist theme with the rest of the hotel means that any guest would feel comfortable occupying the room.

rossetti painting      rossetti painting       rossetti painting

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