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Suite 2 - The Frederic Leighton Suite

The Leighton Suite draws inspiration from Lord Frederic Leighton, a successful and popular Victorian artist who painted classical and exotic historical images. The suite focuses on the Victorian fascination with the exotica of the Orient and Middle East.

Bedroom suite

Bedroom suite  Bedroom suite  Bedroom suite

Here the walls are topped by an oriental frieze that sits above the cool colouring of the wallpaper. The Eastern feel maintained by a stylised bamboo pattern.

Bedroom suite

The furnishings take on the rich hues of the Orient with deep pinks and turquoise velvets and damasks coupled with rich ivory curtains and a tented bed-hanging. The reproduction black lacquered furniture reflects the popular Victorian Aesthetic style.

The whole room is underpinned by a rich Persian style wall-to-wall carpet and capped by striking ceiling paper.

inspirational victorian image

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