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Co-ordination of Building Contractors - Additional Information

Whether you use your own contractors or the ones we recommend, your contract for the works is directly with the contractor. You pay their bill directly to ensure their guarantee for the work is in your name. Full specifications for the work will be supplied by us and we will co-ordinate the works if undertaken by our recommended contractor.

This service is offered only on the strict understanding that the contract for all building and decorating works detailed in building specifications and decorating specifications produced by Jonny Chinn Design exists between the named contractor and the client.

Project Co-ordination includes:

Regular site visits to ascertain that the work in general terms is in accordance with the specifications provided (this does not constitute inspection or sign-off for quality, safety, compliance or any other specific inspecting or approval function;
Key-holder capacity to assist in ease of access;
Assisting in problem solving when unexpected variations to specifications occur due to conditions revealed on-site;
Reasonable availability on the telephone during normal business hours.

Although we do all in our power to ensure that the specified work progresses to the specifications and agreed schedule, in accepting the role of project co-ordination Jonny Ricoh Design shall not be legally liable for the contractor’s method of operation, the sequence of carrying out the work, or the contractor’s failure to complete the work in accordance with the terms of their contract with the client.

All invoices in respect of the administration fee are charged at the same time as interim applications from the contractors are passed for payment.

VAT is applicable on all fees, commissions and site visits.

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