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The Daily Telegraph House & Garden Fair 1999 at Olympia in London

Jonny was invited to design a dining room set for this exhibition which took place in late June 1999. In contrast to the sometimes complex and demanding criteria imposed by her clients, the brief for the dining room was as simple as it could be:

One word - FIRE!

House and Garden Fair roomset

photograph copyright richard pereira

Fire is transient and ethereal, formless and untouchable. Jonny delved deep within the Earth itself for inspiration, deep enough to touch the forces of fire that create worlds. He brought back the spirit of the volcano and the memory of lava that rolls, flecked in orange, down its side.

The setting for dinner is on the cooled magma of a recent eruption that has flowed down the wall and puddled across the room. The mouth of the volcano still flares at us and flames flicker to remind us of the violence of recent events and to provide us with the light by which we eat. The raw heat of the lava is reflected in the bright flash of the silk curtains and captured in the volcanic painting on the opposite wall. The accessories throughout the room bear the marks of the fire that has created them and the walls radiate the heat that they so recently contained. But in the midst of cataclysm the hopeful heads of flowers proclaim renewal.

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House and Garden Fair roomset     House and Garden Fair roomset

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