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The Home Decorator's Colour and Texture Sourcebook
180 Interior Design Schemes for the Home by Jonny Ricoh

This book will guide you through the sometimes daunting task of decorating your home. Whether you live in a newly-built condo, a 1950s bungalow or a Victorian townhouse, the starting point is often the flooring. Jonny's book features more than 180 decorating schemes, incorporating paint colours and fabrics in neutral, cool, warm and vibrant tones.

Reviews of The Home Decorator's Colour and Texture Sourcebook (courtesy of Amazon)

"This was just the book I was looking for, really covers colour schemes, colour palettes and fabric combinations well. I use it to help me begin a project or to help clients understand colour schemes that will go well with what they are trying to achieve. Great book!" M. Maynard, Florida

"This book is great. Even if you have a good colour sense you will find inspiration here. I highly recommend this book. Regardless of your colour expertise you will find yourself looking at it time and again." Gail, Minnesota

"We just painted our living/dining room and kitchen from one of the patterns. So from my perspective this is an excellent book since we actually made use of it!" P. York, Minneapolis


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