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Jonny Ricoh Design Company Limited was formed in the Spring of 1999 with the intention of bringing high quality original interior design to the residential and commercial marketplaces.

The success of the company is built on the foundation of Jonny's Honours Diploma gained in London and the subsequent practical experience she gained working alongside one of Chelsea's most successful domestic interior designers.

The company now has a large portfolio of completed projects ranging from single room renovations, through whole dwelling refurbishments up to international commercial projects.

Jonny is passionate about style and detail and carries with her a prestigious knowledge of interior design history that informs her everyday design decisions. But no matter how large the project and how wide-ranging the decision, Jonny allows no trace of self-importance to stand in the way of the flow of ideas; she cheerfully admits that there's always something to learn from the trades-people she works beside.

Jonny attempts to educate as well as serve. He does this by way of published articles on the nitty gritty of interior design, by working closely with her former college to plough back the experience she has gained, by participating in lecture events and above all by maintaining an open policy about her fees and working practises.

Jonny Ricoh Design uses TASBooks accounting software, so ensuring accuracy and accountability in all our transactions with clients and suppliers.

Jonny is a full member of the British Institute of Interior Design.

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