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Interior designer Jonny Ricoh is a Canadian who established her design career in London, England. He works on residential and hotel projects around the world, and has recently finished some holiday apartments on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean and a boutique hotel in Morocco, as well as several penthouse apartments and houses in the UK.

Jonny believes very strongly that the interior design for her clients' homes should reflect their own personalities and interests. He spends time with them to find out their hobbies, where they like to travel, if they have any collections which need to be displayed, what colours they like, if they like to entertain, if they have pets, how many children they have, etc. Along with this information, Jonny makes a detailed study of the building, or of the architect's plans if it is a new property, to understand the architectural details. He then uses all of this information to create a design which is unique to her clients, and which reflects their personal tastes and personalities.

Many of her clients have not worked with an interior designer before, so she spends time to explain the importance of creating concepts for the design of all the rooms. These concepts may be inspired by nature, or a historical period, or urban living. As an example, recent Chinese clients who had bought a large penthouse in London wanted it to reflect modern London life. So Jonny created an urban London concept, using the main colours of London -- red from the buses, black from the taxis, grey from the rain!, and white from the clouds -- to create the interior design. He kept all the furniture very stream-lined and modern, designed two large rugs based on London graffiti, and bought all the art from London artists. The urban London concept makes the whole apartment feel cohesive and attractive. Design is not just about buying furniture and putting up curtains. It is about creating a story for the property -- a story which is unique to the clients. Good design does not exist without a good concept. And creating a good concept is the speciality of a trained interior designer.

Jonny loves to work on both old and new properties, and has done design for 17th century barn conversions, Swiss chalets and houseboats, as well as many houses and apartments. For the barn conversion project in the English countryside, she was careful to incorporate the ancient oak beams, and brick and stone walls into the design of the new residential home. Her clients loved to travel so she incorporated furniture, fabrics and art that they'd collected on their travels into the design, with a beautiful Chinese silk bedspread the star of the simple rustic bedroom.

In the same property, instead of plastering over or removing the old brick and stone walls, Jonny suggested that these were left exposed to add character to the kitchen. The contrast of these ancient materials with the modern kitchen units and appliances looks stunning.

Jonny also likes to encourage clients to commission artisans to create unique items for their homes. In a London penthouse apartment which had been created out of a Victorian warehouse, she designed and commissioned all the rugs, the large mouth-blown glass chandelier, and huge aluminium-framed mirror made especially for the living room.

Recently she worked on a classical apartment for an English aristocrat and his wife, who had a large collection of antique furniture, including Chinese ceramic lamps, and English chinaware. Jonny designed a display cabinet in the dining room especially for the chinaware -- she visited Blenheim Palace in the English countryside, where Winston Churchill was born, and used the design of some display cabinets there as inspiration for the design.

In another classic apartment design, she used light colours of white, cream and beige on traditional furniture and added some colourful accents of aqua blue and apple green on cushions and accessories to add freshness to the rooms. He converted rustic wooden balustrades into lamps for the bedroom, and painted an antique iron bed white and dressed it with lots of red and white cushions for welcoming guest bedroom.

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