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Electric Guitars - The best prices for musical instruments with next-day UK delivery

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine - Visit Graceful Medicine for more information

What Price? - Excellent tool for budgeting UK building projects

Federation of Master Builders

Steelmirrors - Contemporary designs made in steel

The Association for Project Management

Become a Carbon Neutral Citizen - Tread more lightly upon the Earth

Coastal Decor Shop - US based site offering decorative accents and fixtures with a distinctive seaside character

Mattresses UK - The UK's most comprehensive directory of Mattress websites

Art Services - Responsible for turning Jonny's idea for the logo into the finished product that graces these pages

A Fish in Sea - Graphic and logo design based in London

The Design Division - Responsible for the virtual reality rendering used in the Yachtsman's Flat

Design Addict - Good stuff available here!

Ulric Computers - Just like a family friend

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