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29th July 1940

By this time 64 Squadron  were being led by Aeneas MacDonell, a man who would go on to have a distinguished RAF career. He had been heavily involved in the fighting over the convoys on 25th July. He had bagged a Ju 87 Stuka before he himself was badly shot up in combat with a Ju 88 off Dover. MacDonnell however was unhurt and managed to land safely. MacDonell, official head of the Glengarry clan, was to say about his squadron's pilots "it's like holding a team of wild horses when there are Germans near".

On this day the wild horses of 64 Squadron found their action amongst the German fighters when they engaged a flight of 109's over St. Margaret's Bay at eight o'clock in the morning.

Sadly no combat reports survive for this engagement, but we do know that 64 Squadron's Sgt. Binham was shot down, managing to force-land his aircraft safely.

Laws avenged Binham's indignity by shooting down a 109.

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