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Graham Laidler "Pont"
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Pont is a particular hero of mine. He captures the complexity of the funny situation with the eye of a master. Graham Laidler died in 1940, so Laws may have read and enjoyed these cartoons as much as I do today.

The old man on the telephone asking the operator for "Messerschmitt 109" is a sparkling example of his talent. It is funny on the absurd level, but also has hidden depths: Why is the man making such a call and who exactly does he expect to get on the other end?

I have used the cartoons on this site because I believe that humour does much to make the British what they are and it colours the way they respond to crisis. Some pilots awaiting the call to scramble would undoubtedly have scoured "The Times" for the latest war news, but just as many would have been scanning "Punch" and roaring at Pont's subtle lampooning of the people they strove to defend.

So to my two heroes I say thankyou for all you've left behind.

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