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Classic Contemporary Interior Design Barnes Cottage Converted Ballroom Open plan living in modern style Luxury Ensuite Bathroom Kitchen extension Bathroom design
Traditional Interior Design Full house refurbishment in modern style Hotel refurbishment in traditional style Art Deco flat Luxury Marble Bathroom Painted Traditional Kitchen Houseboat as seen on The Discovery Channel
Penthouse project in east meets west style Living room and dining room interior design London townhouse in Edwardian style Bathroom design Common areas of apartment block Interior with neutral colour scheme Open Plan Kitchen London Townhouse Refurbishment

From this page you can explore some of the interior design projects in which the company has been involved. This page contains 30 interior design project case studies. Click the thumbnails above or scroll down to read the summaries and follow the links below.

Traditional Interior Design - An elegant London townhouse is given a traditional feel with the emphasis on comfort. 
Classic Contemporary Interior Design - A quirky, spacious London townhouse is given the patina of quiet, contemporary elegance. 
Barnes Cottage Refurbishment - A whole house redesign in south London including a new kitchen extension and two bathroom installations. 
Hotel Design - The old Victorian inn, The Glenisle Hotel, on the beautiful Scottish island of Arran, hadn't been redecorated for many years, so the new owners hired Jonny to come up with a total new redesign of the interior.
Converted Ballroom Double-height Luxury - This living space occupies part of a converted ballroom with double-height windows and spacious mezzanine. 
Luxury Marble and Mirror Bathroom - Inspired by Art Deco style, our clients call this the most beautiful bathroom in London (probably)!
Luxury En-Suite Bathroom - Given the space you can enjoy luxury bathing in a bespoke fitted en-suite bathroom.
Kitchen Design Kitchen Sync - Extending their house to add space for growing children, this couple were left uninspired by their architect's plans for their interiors. The result was this beautiful, spacious kitchen design that maximises the potential of the new space. 
Bathroom Design A Tale of Two Bathrooms - With moving house an increasingly expensive option many people choose to increase the style and value of their current residence with an indulgent bathroom refurbishment. In this case it was a double whammy! 
London Townhouse Refurbishment - The brief for the complete refurbishment of this rather boxy London townhouse was to create a feeling of abundant space and light.
Modern Interior Design Wenge World - The centre-piece of this flat is the replacement staircase, designed to draw light down into the entrance hall where it's bounced around by a trio of dark wood mirrors.  
Living Room and Dining Room Design Glamourous Georgian Living - Combined with a fully featured custom made modern kitchen. London flat dwelling at its finest.
Modern Interior Design Modern Design - A full house refurbishment on the outskirts of London.
Luxury Penthouse Flat Interior Design Skylight Highlights - Modern penthouse living in Hampstead, London. The use of bespoke metal furniture and balustrade coupled with the ingenious use of glass blocks gave this modern flat a luxurious cutting edge.
Art Deco Interior Design Art Deco for the 21st century - As featured in the September 2001 issue of Period House magazine. This full refurbishment radiates art deco style from an original 1930's bathroom that was preserved and embraced into the design for the rest of this London flat. 
Traditional Painted Kitchen - Free-standing painted furniture offers a great way introduce a clean and bright design style to an interior. For a really stunning result a fitted painted kitchen will integrate the whole scheme.
Bridal Services Studio - This was a really different commercial opportunity, the design and implementation of new studio premises for a world famous bridal make-up and henna tattoo artist.
Open Plan Kitchen - A great way to brighten up a suburban property is refurbish your open plan kitchen and re-do your bathrooms. It makes it feel like you've moved house!
Houseboat Interior Design Das Boat - We were delighted to be design consultants for the refurbishment of this capacious houseboat. The project was covered from start to finish by The Discovery Channel.
Basement Flat Design Basement Flat - A buy-to-let property refurbished for American clients resident in Washington DC.
Victorian Interior Design Victorian Hotel Refurbishment - The Gallery Hotel in Kensington - Now refurbished with Victorian style fit for the 21st century. Visit the Victorian Artist at home.
Edwardian Interior Design A Magician's Showcase - The main brief for this interior was the requirement to enhance an extensive collection of antique conjuring equipment and valuable theatre posters 
Bathroom Design Maximum Bathroom, Minimum Space - An astonishingly stylish en-suite in less space than it takes to swing a cat.
Hartington Court in London Ocean-going Apartment Block - How to make half a mile of corridors more interesting.
Neutral Interior Design Scheme Neutrals and Light Woods - A mid-range project that rests easy on the eye.
Eclectic Design Elements Bits and Pieces - An eclectica of features from various smaller projects.
Classic dining room design - virtually The Yachtsman's Flat - Cyberspace with style, take a spin around our virtual flat.
interior design exhibition stand Decorex 2001 in London - The classiest room at the exhibition! Modern design for modern living.
interior design exhibition stand The House & Garden Fair '99 - An oldie but certainly a goodie. We never get tired of talking about this one.
interior design drawings Retail Design with a Japanese Influence - Bringing the harmony of the Zen garden to the stressful world of consumer durable retail.

Which qualities make a good interior designer? We came across these comments about Mozart in a CD sleeve liner and thought they would apply equally well to the perfect designer as they do the perfect composer:

"Mozart was at all times an avid and resourceful learner. His awesome originality - at no time an end in itself - was the by-product of a discriminating eclecticism. Time and again, throughout his life, we find him encountering new stylistic influences, assimilating them with voracious enthusiasm and then shedding those elements which were alien to his nature."

(Adapted from an article by Jeremy Siepmann).

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