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This stock item is the result of a mix-up with colour codes during the order process. The price for this breakfast bar top is 2,200 including delivery to any location on the UK mainland.

Pyrolave is a natural volcanic stone extracted from the flows at Volvic in France. Its surface is refined & coated with an enamel glaze that is kiln fired. It is indefinable in that it is not a marble or granite or a ceramic tile.

The glazing & firing cycles produce a crackle or crazed effect. The natural lavastone support for the glaze is flat with minimal surface texture. Typically the glaze registers 7 on a matt to glossy scale.

The picture below gives a colour indication of the worktop we have available. The diameter is approximately 1.2metres. Does not include any pedestal, stand or fixings. Please e-mail with any questions or to arrange purchase..