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Your interior design questions answered  

We find that many questions crop up time and time again. Here is a selection together with our answers:

Question: "Isn't it just too expensive to engage an interior designer?"

Answer: Any professional service costs money. Whether it is too expensive will always be a matter for the individual. It is important to weigh the savings against the costs. Having a designer do the leg work frees up your spare time to enjoy as leisure or dedicate to earning money in your job. An interior designer also has access to fabric, furniture, lighting and accessory suppliers who supply only to the trade.  This, in turn, gives the client access to a much wider selection. It means you get what you want in a shorter timescale and you are likely to be happier for longer with the result. See our Fees page for more information.


Question: "Won't I end up paying over the odds for furniture and materials?"

Answer: If you have concerns about this, bring them to the attention of your designer. Our policy is to charge competitive retail pricing.


Question: "I've seen people on the TV end up with rooms that they don't really like. How do I stop this happening?"

Answer: TV interior designers are working to the producer's timetable (and budget) and to a large extent their client is really the TV company, not the home-owner who has bravely offered up their living space. Treat the television shows as entertainment and take what inspiration you can from them. When you start your personal relationship with the interior designer of your choice it will be a collaborative process. At no point should you feel it is beyond your control. See our article on the subject for more details about the interior design process.


Question: "If I reveal my budget won't that just encourage the designer to spend the lot?"

Answer: The designer needs to know the budget in order to begin sourcing appropriate materials, furniture and accessories. Don't confuse the word "budget" with the phrase "life-savings". Decide how much you can really afford to spend on the project you have in mind and make sure the designer knows that figure at the very first meeting. It is generally useful to allocate portions of the budget to different areas of expense, e.g. "x" for the furniture, "y" for the curtains, "z" for the design fees. For more views on this subject see our article on budgets.


Question: "Why should I have to pay interior design fees?"

Answer: Your interior designer is a professional and should have a verifiable qualification in the field. He or she has spent a considerable amount of time and money to gain this qualification. The designer's trained skill is a saleable commodity which carries a price. The result of a good designer's work will speak for itself as good value for money.

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