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How does IBM fight against Google in the field of artificial intelligence?

Kenny joins IBM more than a year ago and has worked for a number of companies and has served as president of Akamai, the Internet backbone services company, and later for the operation of The Weather Company. After IBM acquired the Weather Company at the end of 2015, he also joined IBM.

IBM value the company’s ability to collect massive weather data from sensors around the world, and they can provide 26 million weather forecasts per day through data analysis. IBM believes that this is part of the Internet of Things, and the company has invested $ 3 billion in this area for expansion.

His initial mission was to take charge of the Watson business, which had been linked to many large business customers before, so it was in line with IBM’s goal of applying Watson to more businesses. He was also responsible for IBM’s public cloud service and two data teams (one of which focused on the development of Internet of things) in November.

In an interview he talked about how IBM competed with other large technology companies in the field of artificial intelligence, IBM’s internal debate about whether to focus on consumer or enterprise markets, and why the company was not as active as other companies in the field of artificial intelligence Acquisition.

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