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Google canceled its Play service update

Google said the new API level in the Play service version 10.2 is already 14, which means that the app developed through the new SDK (10.2.x and later) must run on at least the Android 4.0-4.04 ICS (ice cream sandwich).

In the latest usage report, Android 2.3x still has a 1% market share. Android 2.3.x API level of 9 to 10, which is Google had previously played the bottom line for the Play service. Although there is no express reference in the release notes to give up Honeycomb, but in view of its API level of 11 to 13, this matter is also self-evident.

Of course, the use of new equipment users do not have to worry about their own impact. Jelly Bean (Android4.1-4.3.1) still holds a 10.3% share, even though the new bottom line (Android 4.0.xICS) has a share of only 1%.

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