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Google is considering adding voice calls for voice assistants

Both Google and Amazon are considering the ability to add dialing and receive voice calls to their voice assistant smartphones (Google Home and Amazon Echo speakers, respectively) to act as a new generation of wired telephones.

Like other tech giants, Amazon and Google are competing to develop and incorporate digital assistants into everything from cars to their homes. Adding a phone call means adding a new feature that will allow digital assistants to be used more frequently by consumers and more frequently. However, the industry reminded that if manufacturers want to increase the phone function, it is necessary to face privacy, telecommunications regulations, emergency services, user experience and many other issues.

It is reported that Amazon is working on a variety of options for how telephony features work. Echo or will have its own phone number, or synchronize the number and contact of the user’s existing phone number. Amazon and Google will independently develop call tools, or tools that use Skype or Vonage external providers on the platform.

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