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The US court ruled that Google was required to submit to the FBI the mail stored in the offshore server

This ruling was once welcomed by some science and technology and media companies. However, on 24 January this year, four members of the Court of Appeal voted to cease to follow the ruling and called on the Supreme Court or Congress to overturn the ruling. They said that the ruling raised the risk of national security.

This is not surprising. Although the current Google protested the requirements of the Philadelphia District Court, but the fact that the US government has no doubt that these US companies have jurisdiction. As early as before, the US government has repeatedly asked high-tech companies to provide data information, such as prism door events, FBI asked Apple unlock events.

As we all know, with the development of the Internet, many high-tech companies in Europe and the United States began to carry out business in other countries, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc., these businesses often produce a lot of local user data.

In China, there are a large number of government agencies, institutions and other foreign hardware and software products, such as Amazon and Microsoft operating in China, cloud computing, bringing together a large number of government and enterprise data. And the Google mail data incident, once again to the sovereign state sounded the alarm, foreign large data company is safe and reliable?

As early as the “prism door incident”, the EU, Russia and other countries have continuously strengthened the construction of data laws and regulations. German Chancellor Angela Merkel Cen said that European Internet companies should be informed of the flow of data related to Europe, if the data with the US intelligence department to share, first of all must be approved by the consent of the Europeans.

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