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Google should not question artificial intelligence in the past

Google parent company Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) said on Wednesday that when leading Google, he had made a miscarriage of justice.

“It turns out that I’m totally wrong in the development of artificial intelligence,” Schmidt said at a security conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. Schmidt began to be skeptical about artificial intelligence technology, but then realized that he was the company’s mission and the global economy are essential.

Indeed, Google CEO Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) has said that the world has entered the “artificial intelligence priority” era. In his view, the previous stage of the world focused on “mobile priority” and “intelligent machine priority.”

Schmidt was then judged, artificial intelligence research is facing great obstacles, these obstacles hindered its development. “I do not think he will grow,” he said of the machine learning technique.

He said that he did not think that artificial intelligence technology can “induction reasoning”, as flexible as the human brain, it is only suitable for the completion of specific tasks of the special tools. Now, Schmidt believes that he underestimated the simple algorithm “simulation is very complex things” ability.

Schmidt said that the real thing to change his view is that Google in 2012 implemented a neural network related to the success of a special experiment. Ironically, the Google team’s technology did not reveal some major mathematical breakthroughs, but found something more trivial.

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